May 2nd - 4th, 2018

Paris, France


2018 Programme - Paris

Sessions are tentative and subject to change. Last update: 30 April 2018.

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2 May

10.45 - 13.00

MedTech Europe Ethics & Compliance Committee (ECC) Meeting (MEMBERS ONLY)
(Napoleon Room)

13.00 - 14.00Lunch ECC-DDCG
(Imperial Room)
14.00 - 15.45

MedTech Europe Ethics & Compliance Committee (ECC) Meeting (MEMBERS ONLY) - continuation
(Napoleon Room)

AdvaMed DDCG (Members ONLY) - continuation
(Concorde Ballroom)

MedTech Europe Compliance Training for Healthcare Organisations and Professional Congress Organisers 
(Aiglon Room)

16.00 - 17.30

Joint ECC-DDCG Meeting
(Concorde Ballroom)

MedTech Europe Compliance Training for Healthcare Organisations and Professional Congress Organisers - continuation

(Aiglon Room)

18.00 - 19.30Welcome Reception & PwC Compliance Achievement Award Sponsored by PwC - confirmed
(Le First, Restaurant - Westin)

3 May

08.00 - 09.00

Registration & Welcome Coffee
(Imperial-Aiglon Room)

09.00 - 09.30

Opening Remarks
(Concorde Ballroom)

Moderator: Ingmar de Gooijer (confirmed)


  • Roeland Van Aelst, VP Healthcare Compliance EMEA & Canada, Johnson & Johnson and chairman of the MTE Ethics & Compliance Committee (confirmed)
  • Bronwen Taylor, Vice President, Compliance & Risk Management, Stryker and chairwoman of the AdvaMed DDCG (confirmed)

Description: The Compliance Chairpersons of Advamed and MedTech Europe will discuss the priorities of their respective associations and give an overview of the trends, issues and opportunities compliance teams face in the various parts of the world. Special attention will be given to role of the Code and the need for global convergence.

09.30 - 10.00

Keynote Speech - Considerations for industry
(Concorde Ballroom)

  • Xavier Beccalori, Head of Department Support to Economic Actors, Agence Française Anti-Corruption (AFA) (confirmed)
10.00 - 10.45

CEO Panel
(Concorde Ballroom)


  • Michelle Brennan, Company Group Chair, Medical Devices EMEA, Johnson & Johnson and Chairwoman of the MedTech Europe's Board of Directors (confirmed)
  • Jean-Luc Lemercier, CVP Europe, Canada and Latin America, Edwards Lifesciences (confirmed) 
  • David Perez, President & CEO, Terumo BCT, Chairman, Blood Management Business (confirmed)

Moderator: Ingmar de Gooijer

Description: MedTech senior executives share thoughts on ethics and compliance; explain how they voice the compliance "tone at the top;" comment on the value and role of compliance within a MedTech company and comment on the role of trade associations in ethics and compliance. This panel will also examine CEOs’ perspectives on current trends in compliance (e.g. relationships with patient organisations, transparency, value-based healthcare and the direct sponsorship phase-out).

10.45 - 11.15Networking break
(Imperial-Aiglon Room)
11.15 - 12.30

Plenary 1 - “HealthTech – what does it mean for compliance?”
(Concorde Ballroom)


  • Kathleen Meriwether, Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services Leader, EY Americas (confirmed)
  • Oba Adewunmi, Legal Counsel, Verily Life Science (confirmed)
  • Trish Gatley, Director of Global Compliance, Illumina (confirmed)
  • Lori Russell,Global Ethics & Compliance Senior Director, bioMérieux (confirmed)

Moderator: Ingmar de Gooijer

Description: HealthTech could be defined as the use of technology (e.g. databases, applications, services, mobiles, wearables) to improve the delivery, payment, and/or consumption of care, with the ability to increase the development and commercialization of more traditional MedTech products. For companies, the implications are profound, and these new commercial models present opportunities but also significant challenges. There is also an ever-growing set of regulatory guidelines, which are often outdated before they enter into force. Where do these companies stand on the issue of compliance? What can the traditional MedTech industry learn from them? What can we learn from each other? The discussion will go beyond privacy to explore the interaction of these new business models, with new risks such as corruption/inducement; direct interactions with patients; competition law and tax aspects.
12.30 - 13.30

Networking lunch 
(Imperial-Aiglon Room)

13.30 - 15.00

Parallel Session 1: Legal & Compliance Risks of Public-Private Partnerships
(Napoleon Room)


Moderator: Anne-Sophie Bricca, Deputy General Counsel & Senior Director Legal Affairs & Compliance EMEA, Terumo BCT (confirmed)

Description: Governments all over the world, but particularly in high growth markets, encounter budget restrictions, while at the same time seeking to compete to further improve quality of care, access to care, and access to innovation and expertise. One model that these governments are therefore looking at is Healthcare Public Private Partnerships (PPP). Though the number of actual projects remains limited, this panel will explore the lessons that have been learned and build on existing expertise, to discuss the potential value of PPPs for the stakeholders and for the medtech industry, and debate the risks and opportunities of such PPPs, including the legal and compliance risks thereof.

Parallel Session 2: Distributor compliance: can have, wanna have, must have?
(Concorde Ballroom)


  • Antje Doether, VP Compliance Officer, Smith and Nephew (confirmed)
  • Susan Roberts, Chief Compliance Officer, Hollister Incorporated (confirmed)
  • Lina Al-Abbadi, Regulatory & Quality Assurance Manager Responsible Pharmacist, Petra Drugstore (confirmed)
  • Bruno Boldrin Bezerra, Executive Director of the Brazilian Association of Importers and Implants’ Distributors (Abraidi) (confirmed)

Moderator: Kevin Espinoza, Vice President, Global Compliance Officer, BTG (confirmed)

Description: This panel aims at discussing the regulatory changes in their broadest sense and what this means for distributors and their relationship with MedTech companies, considering the different types of relationships that exist. In addition, the panel will review how to meet mutual expectations, through innovative means (e.g. “Compliance in a Box" programs). 

Parallel Session 3: Helping companies to navigate the French legislative environment 

(Tuileries Room)


Moderator: Alexandre Regniault, Attorney & Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences Division, Simmons and Simmons (confirmed)

Description: The panel will discuss on how the French legislative environment regulates the relations between industry and healthcare professionals, bring concrete examples about specific local Transparency requirements, and look at the interplay with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practices. Will also be explored the current revisions to the French Data Protection Act, the Do’s and Don’ts in advertising, and how to best handle an inspection.

15.00 - 15.30

Networking Break
(Imperial-Aiglon Room)

15.30 - 17.15

Ask the Experts session
(Concorde Ballroom)

Main Moderator: Marta Giner, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright (confirmed)

Description: This session will be set up in roundtable discussions. The time allocated will allow them to get to the heart of key issues. Attendance is limited to 12 persons per table. After 40 minutes, the participants are invited to switch tables. Each table lead will prepare in advance a one-pager with key topics/trends that they plan to address. After the discussions, key discussion points/outcome will be added to this one-pager and circulated to all participants.

Topics & Table Leads:

  • MedTech Europe Transparency: Pablo Abad, Legal & Compliance Manager, MedTech Europe (confirmed)
  • Compliance and the supply chain: Rick Hoffecker, Product Director, The Red Flag Group (confirmed)
  • Middle East: Arwa Asiri, Ethical MedTech (confirmed)
  • EFPIA Disclosure and TransparencyJulie Bonhomme, Legal Affairs and Compliance Director, EFPIA (confirmed)
  • Turkey – best practices on the interplay between local legislations and code requirements:  Esra Akyol Bilgin, Health Care Compliance Officer, JnJ Medical Devices and Consumer Turkey (confirmed) & Ceren Aral Desnos, Interim Director Legal Affairs & Compliance, MedTech Europe (confirmed)
  • Anti-bribery/Anti-corruption: Mario Prohasky, Principal, Polaris Management Partners (confirmed)
  • Germany:  Adem Koyuncu, Partner, Covington & Burling (confirmed)
  • China: Matthew Couillard, Director, TDI Compliance (confirmed)
  • Poland and Eastern Europe: Mariusz Witalis, EY(confirmed)
  • Debating the future of independent medical education: Michel Ballieu, Executive Director, BioMed Alliance (confirmed) and Maarten Simoons, Biomed Alliance Taskforce on Medical Education (confirmed)
  • Human Rights: Milana Chamberlain, Partner, Norton Rose Fullbright (confirmed)
  • The General Data Protection Regulation: Reach, Practicalities, and Repercussions (GDPR): Olivier Proust, Partner, Fieldfisher (confirmed)
18.30 - 19.30

Networking Cocktail with the Regional Senior Commercial Officer from the US Embassy

Speaker: Steve Alley, Regional Senior Commercial Officer from the US Embassy

Venue: Restaurant La Gare (Paris)

Sponsor: Ernst and Young (confirmed)

20.00 - 22.30

GMTCC Networking Dinner

Venue: Restaurant La Gare (Paris)

Sponsor: The Red Flag Group (confirmed)

4 May

8.00 - 9.00Registration & Welcome Coffee
(Imperial-Aiglon Room)
09.00 - 10.15

Plenary 2: What is the value of compliance?
(Concorde Ballroom)


  • Carlos Gouvea, Executive Director, Ethics Health Institute & Executive President, CBDL (Câmara Brasileira de Diagnóstico Laboratorial) (confirmed)
  • Erinn Hutchinson, Principal, PwC (confirmed)
  • Kim Weistra, Sector leader Social Affairs & Health, Ecorys (confirmed)
  • Serge Bernasconi, CEO, MedTech Europe (confirmed)

Moderator: Ingmar de Gooijer

Description: This panel will address the value of compliance for a country, for patients, for a healthcare system and also for a company (e.g. which KPIs and is the absence of consequences enough?). Speakers will discuss the perception of stakeholders on the MedTech industry's brand equity and ask: What are the key challenges? Have codes changed stakeholders' perspective and perception? What risk metrics do define an ethical business environment?

10.15 - 10.45Networking break
(Imperial-Aiglon Room)
10.45 - 12.30

Parallel Session 1: Exchange of best practices on Educational Grants around the world
(Napoleon Room)


  • Esra Akyol Bilgin, Health Care Compliance Officer, J&J Medical Devices and Consumer Turkey (confirmed)
  • Campbell Clark, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Asia Pacific, Medtronic Singapore (confirmed)
  • Denis Jacob, Director, Ethics & Compliance International, BD (confirmed)
  • Elke Louwette, MPD EMEA HCP Interactions Team, WL Gore (confirmed)

Moderator: Pascale Schmidt, Head of Compliance EMEA-LATAM, Roche (confirmed)

Description: With the phase-out of direct sponsorship in many jurisdictions across the world since the beginning of the year, companies are restructuring their strategies to support general education of healthcare practitioners as well as processes around educational grants. This panel will provide insights as to what has worked - and not - for different players worldwide.

Parallel Session 2: Value-based healthcare: what are the legal and compliance issues?
(Tuileries Room)


  • Aline SAMSON-DYE, Legal Counsel, UniHA, French Public Hospitals Network (confirmed)
  • Caroline Hobson, Lawyer, CMS (confirmed)
  • Christopher White, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, AdvaMed (confirmed)

Moderator: Diva Duong, Global Compliance Solutions Partners, IQVIA (confirmed)

Description: To follow up on last year’s conference discussion on the profound transformational shift toward value-based healthcare, this panel will discuss the legal and compliance opportunities and challenges these new commercial models present and how organisations such as MedTech Europe and AdvaMed can help support their members.

Parallel Session 3: The "good compliance" programme: Are the seven FCPA elements enough?
(Concorde Ballroom)


  • Peter Ellingworth, CEO, ABHI (confirmed)
  • Tom Schumacher, VP & Global Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Medtronic (confirmed)
  • Rita Lenz, General Counsel, GE Healthcare (invited)
  • Suzanne Durdevic, General Counsel Europe, Boston Scientific & Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee MedTech Europe (invited)

Moderator: Adem Koyuncu, Partner, Covington & Burling (confirmed)

Description: Recently, legislators, regulators and courts in Europe and other jurisdictions seem to have gone a step further than the DOJ in regulating what they expect a good compliance program to be. This panel will start with discussing some of the recent developments and will afterwards discuss ways how medical device companies can do to ensure that they comply with the multiplicity of requirements. 

12.30 - 12.45

Plenary session: Closing remarks & discussions
(Concorde Ballroom)


  • Roeland Van Aelst, VP Healthcare Compliance EMEA & Canada, Johnson & Johnson and chairman of the MTE Ethics & Compliance Committee (confirmed)
  • Bronwen Taylor, Vice President, Compliance & Risk Management, Stryker and chairwoman of the AdvaMed DDCG (confirmed)

Moderator: Ingmar de Gooijer

12.45 - 14.30

Networking Lunch
(Imperial-Aiglon Room)